The Scotty Gee Show – Show Notes – 08/02

The Scotty Gee Show – Show Notes – 08/02

Another Friday night and another episode of The Scotty Gee Show to amaze, amuse, astound, and arouse the faithful viewers that crowd around their devices every week to see what all the fuss is about.  Well, except for one viewer that decided that he had better things to do. Again.  Anyway, I won’t name any names, but you all know who I am talking about.

We did, however, find a way to incorporate Binnie Gee into the show through the magic of cellular phone technology and got a live update from the Mattawa Slo-Pitch tournament from Mr. Takanaka, who somehow got control of Binnie Gee’s phone and regaled us with his view from the Mattawa Ball Field.  (Click to View Segment)

Before that bit of magic, we started out with our usual opening segment, Born to Die, where we learn who was born and who died on this day in history. (Click to View Segment)

Next up, we ventured into the bodily functions territory as Scotty Gee regales his viewers with a tale of what happens when you experiment with sugar-free gummy bears.  The results were painful for Scotty Gee, but hopefully hilarious for his viewers.  (Click to View Segment)

Our last segment before the break was Which Stupid Day is it?  In this segment, Scotty Gee goes over the list of “national and international whatever day” it is today.  These are usually fairly silly, but there’s actually a good one today.  (Click to View Segment)

After the break, we got back going again with Ask Scotty Gee.  In this segment, we read real letters from real advice columns and see if Scotty Gee’s response matches up with the “expert”.  Scotty Gee even allows the audience to decide which letters we read each week.  (Click to View Segment)

To finish the show, we visit our old friend, Florida Man (Click to View Segment) and Scotty Gee shares his feelings on people that lack the courage of their convictions and apologize when the outrage mob comes after them and tackles the insanity of parents that allow their children to “transition” on a whim.  (Click to View Segment)

Tune in for another episode of The Scotty Gee Show this coming (and every) Friday, and if you miss an episode you can catch up on the TV page.

Scotty Gee, out.






The Scotty Gee Show – Show Notes – 07/26

The Scotty Gee Show – Show Notes – 07/26

If you missed this week’s show, make sure you check the TV page to watch it.

The show must go on, as they say, despite missing some regulars due to work commitments and Mattawa Voyageur Days commitments.  To his credit, one of the offenders (Hi, Binnie Gee) made a brief appearance, so credit where it’s due.

As always, I started out sharing this week’s whisky which was once again Signal Hill Whisky.  A delightfully smooth whisky from down East in Newfoundland.  If the LCBO ever gets their distribution woes sorted out, try to find yourself a bottle of this whisky.

We followed that up with our usual opening segment, Born to Die, where I list the births and deaths from this day in history.  In case you missed it, here are the births and deaths from 07/26.

1875 Carl Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist (founded analytic psychology), born in Kesswil, Switzerland (d. 1961)
1856 George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist (Pygmalion, Nobel Prize for Literature 1925), born in Dublin, Ireland (d. 1950)
1894 Aldous Huxley, English author (Brave New World, Island), born in Godalming, Surrey (d. 1963)
1895 Gracie Allen, American comedian and actress (Burns & Allen), born in San Francisco, California (d. 1964)
1923 Jan Berenstain [Janice Marian Grant], American author (The Berenstain Bears), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 2012)
1928 Stanley Kubrick, American director (2001 A Space Odyssey, Dr Strangelove, Lolita), born in The Bronx NY (d. 1999)
1943 Mick Jagger, English rock vocalist (Rolling Stones), born in Dartford, Kent
1949 Roger Taylor, English rock drummer (Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody), born in Norfolk, England
1956 Tommy Rich, American professional wrestler, born in Hendersonville, Tennessee
1959 Kevin Spacey, American actor (American Beauty, House of Cards), born in South Orange, New Jersey
1964 Sandra Bullock, American actress (Speed, The Blind Side), born in Washington, D.C.
1967 Jason Statham, British actor (The Transporter, Crank), born in Shirebrook, Derbyshire
1973 Kate Beckinsale, British actress (Underworld series), born in London

1863 Sam Houston, 1st President of Republic of Texas (1836-38, 1841-44) who helped bring Texas into the United States as a constituent state, dies at 70
1952 Eva Perón [Evita], Argentine First Lady (1946-52) actress, suffragette, unionist and humanitarian who was the inspiration for A.L. Webber’s musical “Evita”, dies of cancer at 33
1977 Karac Plant, son of Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant, dies of respiratory failure at 6
1984 Ed “Psycho” Gein, mass murderer (“Psycho” & “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” based on him), dies at 78
1984 George Gallup, American survey sampling pioneer and inventor of the Gallup poll, dies of a heart attack at 82
2015 Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, dies in a coma at 22

From there we moved on to a new segment “Hilarious Amazon Reviews”, which is exactly what you think it would be.  I read a review for the unfortunately no longer available Haribo sugar-free gummi-bears 5 lb bag.  I also foolishly put out a challenge that I would attempt to recreate the review by eating a similar product before next week’s show and reporting on the results.  Apparently, that challenge was accepted, so I will nervously wait to see if any of those gummi bears arrive at my house this week.

Here is a screenshot of the review that I read on the show.

Our good friend, Florida Man then made his weekly appearance on the show with a lovely story about nudity and masturbation.


After the break, and a reboot because of choppy video, it was time to reveal the beer of the week this week.  The winner as chosen by me because of a three-way tie was Broadhead Brewing Company Tight Squeeze Tangerine IPA.  A refreshing beer that wasn’t overly hoppy like many IPAs can be.  Easy to drink and tasty.

Then it was time for the Ask Scotty Gee segment where I read real letters to real advice columns and give MY opinion before reading the response of the advice columnists.  Below are the links to the letters I read on the air.

My employee uses a wheelchair … but I found out he doesn’t really need one

Why Won’t My Daughter-In-Law Forgive Me For Secretly Letting Her Kids See Their Abusive Grandfather?

Did I Err In Sending A Bunch Of Texts To A Guy’s Work Phone After He Blocked Me On His Personal Number?

I then basically rambled on for the rest of the show under the influence of whisky and beer, so, pretty much a regular Scotty Gee Show in that respect.

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