The first-ever Scotty Gee Radio Show was on Saturday, November 23rd.  In case you missed it, here are the show notes.

The show amazingly started on time and without technical difficulties which have become part and parcel of The Scotty Gee Show on Youtube.  I started off announcing the “Stitch-Up” contest where I gave a phrase made up of words from the various song titles that I was going to be playing during the show.  Anyone that could give me all six song titles would be entered to win a Scotty Gee Radio t-shirt.  The phrase was “Wanna Mention The Most Painful Porno”  You can find the answer and the winners after the list of songs that were played during the show.

I announced the various ways that you could support Scotty Gee Radio with the preferred way is to become a monthly subscriber.  Even 10 subscribers at $5 per month would go a long way to offsetting the costs involved in putting on the show.  Here is the cost breakdown.

Live 365 Service – $80
Music (20ish songs per show) – $25.80 per show

I truly enjoyed doing the show, and it was nice to come full circle and finally make something of that one semester (thereabouts) that I spent at Canadore doing radio broadcasting, but I cannot spend over $100/month for the privilege.  Any support that you can give is appreciated.  I’m not being facetious when I say that I put on the shows that I do to entertain you.

Now here is the list of songs that I played on Saturday.  (Song title, Band/Artist, Album)

  1. I Wanna Be Sedated – Ramones – Road to Ruin
  2. Blitzkrieg Bop – Ramones – Ramones
  3. Chapel Song – We Are Augustines – Rise Ye Sunken Ships
  4. I’m Your Broken Dog – The Bones of J.R. Jones – Spirit’s Furnace
  5. That Girl – Nim Vind – Saturday Night Seance Songs
  6. Don’t Mention the War – The Smith Street Band – Sunshine and Technology
  7. Series of Dreams – Bob Dylan – Greatest Hits Volume 3
  8. Girl from the North Country – Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan
  9. Purexed – P.O.S. – Never Better
  10. Arcanum – Show Me The Body – Dog Whistle
  11. Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets – Factor Chandelier (feat. Astronautalis) – Wisdom Teeth
  12. Ashes – SNFU – Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You
  13. Painful Reminder – SNFU – Something Green and Leafy This Way Comes
  14. Even at Our Worst, We’re Still Better Than Most – Against Me! – Searching for a Former Clarity
  15. The Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin – Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin
  16. Landing – Audio Karate – Audio Karate
  17. Pardon Me – Audio Karate – Malo
  18. Porno and Snuff Films – The Lawrence Arms – Apathy and Exhaustion
  19. Two Hundred Grand – Sunshine – Two Hundred Grand
  20. Hard Luck Woman – Kiss – Rock n Roll Over
  21. Beth – Kiss – Destroyer

The correct answer for the “Stitch-Up” contest was:

WANNA – I Wanna be Sedated – Ramones
MENTION – Don’t Mention the War – The Smith Street Band
THE – Girl From the North Country – Bob Dylan
MOST – Even at Our Worst, We’re Still Better Than Most – Against Me!
PAINFUL – Painful Reminder – SNFU
PORNO – Porno and Snuff Films – The Lawrence Arms

The winners of a t-shirt (each, not to share) are Wake from Hanover, Ontario, and Michelle Wallace from Pasadena, Texas.  Congrats, and thank you for listening!




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