Support Scotty Gee

I’ll be honest.  The Scotty Gee Show on Youtube costs me nothing to produce except any equipment that I have to buy.  Well, it costs me my time, but what better way to spend my time than to entertain my thousands….ok, hundreds….fine, DOZENS of fans?  If I do entertain you in anyway, even a little bit, why not support my work?

Now, Scotty Gee Radio is a whole new ballgame.  That WILL cost me.  About $60 USD (around $80 CAD) per month for the Live 365 Online Radio service, plus I have to buy the music that I will be playing on air.  This will add up.

I would appreciate your support.  Please see below the different ways that you can support my efforts to entertain you, my loyal audience.


Ways to Support

Become a Subscriber


Becoming a monthly subscriber via Patreon is the easiest way to support on a monthly basis.  Set it and forget it at whatever level you like and you’ll receive unique subscriber-only content as well as free stuff!

Donation via Paypal


One-time donations or monthly contributions through Paypal are appreciated!  You can make a one-time or monthly donation at any time and for any amount. You can also make one-time donations through eTransfer or with Bitcoin!

Donate Via PayPal

eTransfer (Canada Only)

Please send your eTransfer donations to and make the security question something that I will know for sure. 🙂

Cryptocurrency Donation

Bitcoin: 137eThXt5KhnXTMdean66iywvtyAES7ha3

Gift Card Donation


Gift donations are appreciated!  They will allow me to purchase music for use on the radio show. Please select the type of gift card you would like to donate.

Google Play Gift Card


Purchase a Google Play gift card through PayPal gifts by clicking the button below. Please send gift card to

Amazon Gift Card


Purchase an Amazon gift card to be used on Amazon Music by clicking the button below.  Please send gift card to


Sponsor a Song

Sponsor a song on Scotty Gee Radio for just $1.29.  Your name will be read out on the show as a sponsor.  Sorry, I get to choose the song. 🙂

Your total amount is : 1.29 (Currency: USD)

Apple Gift Card


Purchase an Apple gift card to be used on Amazon Music by clicking the button below. Please send gift card to

Gifts and Swag


I’m not proud.  I’ll accept free stuff.  Send me stuff to represent your brand on The Scotty Gee Show or just send me stuff because you like me.  Whichever.

Send swag to 32 King Street West, Bolton, ON. L7E 1C7. Canada.